Flextraction can offer a range of LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) units for hire. From entry level welding extraction to an ATEX industrial vacuum, our range of high efficiency units are the practical answer for infrequent processes e.g. maintenance work, or a trial process before investment in local exhaust ventilation.

Enquire with your choice of unit from below. 

Please note minimum hire is a 4 week period. 

  • 230/400v Cleango - Mobile Welding Fume Filter Unit- with 3m 160 Extract Arm

    The Cleango is a self contained mobile cartridge filter unit designed for the extraction of welding fume. The unit is available to rent with a 3m, 160⌀ extraction arm capable of rotating 360°, perfect for extraction at source in the workspace. High efficiency filter cartridges remove airborne particles and discharge the clean air back into the room with 99% efficiency.

    £500 per 4 weeks - Contact for Availability 
  • Cleaning DF - Mobile Welding Fume Extractor Unit 1.1kW

    The Cleaning DF is suitable for the extraction and filtration of welding fumes, gases, vapors, aerosols, fine and coarse dust and chips in indoor environments. The unit is simple plug & play technology with no installation required, and is equipped with a 3 metre 150⌀ extraction arm. Maintenance is easy- the unit has easy manual cleaning due to the horizontally positioned cartridges.

    £800 per 4 weeks - Contact for availability 
  • Jetclean - Mobile Welding Filter Unit with Automatic Cleaning 1.1kW

    The Jetclean DF filter unit is equipped with horizontal cartridges, suitable for extraction and filtration of welding fumes and fine and coarse dust. The Jetclean comes with 3m 150⌀ pre fitted extraction arms to extract at source. An automatic compressed air cleaning system provides perfect efficiency of the filter cartridges. A high performance fan on top of the unit assures a high extraction capacity and a low noise level.

    £800 per 4 weeks - Contact for availability 
  • Grindex DF Jet - Mobile Grinding Filtration Unit 1.1kW

    The Grindex DF is specifically designed for the dry extraction of grinding dust particles. The unit comes with a preliminary water sparks trap eliminating the possibility of transporting hot particles that could damage the filters or cause a fire hazard. The Grindex DF Jet includes a manual compressed air cleaning system to keep the filter cartridges operating for long periods of time.

    £1000 per 4 weeks - Contact for Availability 
  • Wally DF/G - Mobile Welding Extraction Wall

    The Wally DF is a compact and mobile extraction wall, suitable for frontal extraction of fumes and dust, cleaning the air in welding operations and light grinding work. The Wally is equipped with a self contained jet cleaning system of the filters, and for grinding operations a water sparks trap eliminates the transportation of hot particles. 

    £TBC per 4 weeks - Contact for availability 
  • Smokart DF/G - Mobile Grinding Extraction Bench

    The Smokart DF/G is a compact mobile extraction bench suited for grinding and associated welding processes. Fume and dust is extracted through the suction top to an internal filtration system, where a combination of cartridge filtration and an integrated compressed air cleaning system ensures air returned to the surrounding workplace is pollutant free.

    £TBC per 4 weeks - Contact for availability 
  • DF40 ATEX Industrial Vacuum

    The DF40 is an ATEX certified industrial vacuum, with a three phase fan for extraction of volatile or suspended dust alongside an extraction arm and hood. Each unit has an antistatic polyester filter to vacuum electrostatic charged dust safely and efficiently. The unit is equipped with a manual shaker filter cleaning system as standard.

    £TBC per 4 weeks - Contact for availability