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Flextraction Ltd has been at the forefront of the fume and dust extraction industry since the late 1990's. As a leading independent UK company that specialises in manufacturing and supplying Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) products, we strive to offer the best solution to your dust or fume extraction problems in the workplace. Flextraction have the expertise and product range to suit your requirements, including our own unique range of extraction arms and established manufacturer's filter units and systems.

Browse our various extraction systems and accessories, or call us on 01664 410 641 to speak to our friendly, knowledgeable support team.

Extraction System Design and Installation

Flextraction commands the capability and experience to comfortably handle turnkey projects including full installation, commissioning and testing.

Via industry-standard CAD software, we offer direct interface with the customer's own CAD plant layout drawings. Plants for the production of foodstuffs, cement, paint, plastics and pharmaceuticals have all gained from the use of flextraction's custom-designed systems.

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Booth Service Packages

As the UK’s leading downflow booth manufacturer, we
understand the importance of correct maintenance and servicing your booth- which is why we offer 4 levels of service designed to keep your Downflow Booth running at optimal performance.

All packages involve an LEV Thorough Examination & Test
and Visual Checks
, and we’re able to prepare a bespoke quotation for any particular specifications you may have. For various packages we also create a quarterly delivery schedule of the primary/secondary filters for the booths, maintaining the three-stage filtration process.

Our service package comparison checklist is available on our resource page look over- if you’re interested, please contact us via sales@flextraction.co.uk or ring the office to discuss your requirements with our Aftersales Market Manager.

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